The Power of 4
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The P&D principals have spent nearly two decades together designing & perfecting what we consider to be the best custom home building business model in the industry. Our model consists of three major & indivisible components:

  1. The utilization of 4 partners
  2. Total pricing control on material and labor
  3. Numerous unparalleled Guarantees and Warranties

Our 4 partners, or as we like to say “The Power of 4”, have sculptured a powerful working relationship over two decades. This Dynamic has profound implications for our clients. Primarily it provides uncommon financial security for our client’s investment. It allows each partner, as a “Master Builder”, to focus on his business strengths and gives the client the direct benefit of these diverse skills from all 4 partners. Additionally, and equally as important, our partnership allows for a division of responsibility that inherently provides the client with a very objective and professional experience. Finally, this corporate structure allows P&D to achieve a production volume & purchasing power envied by many other smaller volume custom builders.

A bi-product of our volume & purchasing power is our ability attract and retain the best craftsman in the industry. All of these dynamics mean that P&D, unlike all of our competition, can provide guarantees, as outlined below, and consistent experiences like none other.

  • On-time delivery Guarantee
  • “White Glove” Quality Control Guarantee
  • Price Match Guarantee
  • On-time delivery Guarantee
The Power of Four

The partners of P&D believe in the power & chemistry of people. The foundation of this belief starts with the unique & long working partnership of its 4 partners (Mac Roberts, Dan Dillon, Darin Hilt, Ed Snodgrass). The practical benefits of this dynamic, for the P&D client, are not only many but unique to the building industry:

  • Client Financial security from unforeseen personal builder events during the construction process
  • Bank/Lender endorsements
  • Input & Skills of 4 “Master Builders” in each and every project
    • Mac (President – General Administration)
    • Dan (Vice President - Marketing and Sales)
    • Darin (Vice President - Production)
    • Ed (Vice President - Development and Sales)
  • Full Service support staff committed to the clients' needs
    • In-House Award Winning Residential Design Staff
    • Full time administrative office support staff
    • Interior Decorating services
    • Full time Warranty Department
  • Division of responsibility resulting in a very professional, objective building experience for the client
  • A higher “hands on” custom home volume resulting in enormous builder purchasing power, cost control and lower total product pricing for our clients
  • Ability to attract & retain the best craftsmen in the industry
  • Strongest “on-time” delivery date guarantee in the industry
  • Most comprehensive completion guarantee in the industry
  • Best warranty track record in the industry

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